We like to welcome you on the site.

It’s all about microfiber products, We are selling those for over 21 years.    In the Benelux.

Now we going to expand to the world.

So please be ready. The  Microfiber cloth of us are amazing!

Every surface Like Windows or Mirrors, Can be easy cleaned, Without any stripes. You will be really amazed, How fast and easy This is!

We have customers who using this microfiber cloth for more than 21 years.

Also the life expectation is more than eight years. Me myself have Some cloths for more than 20 years now. So the price is more than fair.

Even if you recommend your friends, They will love you for this.

So let’s see what we have inside shop.


Beste bezoeker, Bedankt dat u op onze shop komt kijken.

We verkopen nu al meer dan 21 jaar onze microvezeldoeken, Classic en Home, met een zeer grot succes .

We hebben onze doeken exclusief verkocht aan de grote poets bedrijven als hoofd afnemers.

Echter door de moderne techniek, gaan we nu over tot meer verkoop naar de, particuliere markt.

Kijk snel wat we voor u in petto hebben, in de SHOP.

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Using the Classic 6045 microfiber cloth

Using the Classic 6045 microfiber cloth